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Safe Key Shop Little Rock, AR 501-314-0487Confidential documents are usually being stored in file cabinets by several businesses. Any problem with the lock in these cabinets creates difficulty. Safe Key Shop specializes in fixing, opening, and replacing file cabinet locks regardless of the size. Most of the business offices rely on the locks on their file cabinets for security. We handle all types of types of cabinet locks.

Safe Key Shop is an experienced and well-established company with a team of trained locksmith technicians. We provide 24/7 service to Little Rock, AR clients. Equipped with the most modern and effective equipment, our professionals are capable of offering immediate solutions to all your lock-related issues.


Get the file cabinet locks installed today

Business instruments and documents need to be confidential. Access to unauthorized persons or competitors causes business loss. For safeguarding your business data reliably, you may contact Safe Key Shop and get the most trustworthy file cabinet locks installed. We provide simple yet safe method of locking up all your business valuables and let you have peace of mind.

Choose from a wide range of locks

There are a variety of file cabinet locks in the market. They differ from one another in size, functionality, and shape. Depending on the purpose, you may choose from a range of varied locks. While simple key-based locks may be sufficient for preventing children from being able to access your cabinets, you may opt for sophisticated electronic locks for securing vital content. We help you in selecting the most appropriate lock that suits your budget as well as requirement.

File cabinet unlocking / locking / rekeying

Although innovative locks help protecting your assets, at times, they may turn trouble makers too. Imagine the situation where you are hectic for an urgent business meeting, and you find the file cabinet lock jammed. With your vital project proposal locked inside it, how would you feel? No need to worry; Safe Key Shop technicians are skilled in resolving your lock issues in no time. They check the file cabinet lock and make sure that it becomes fully functional, by either fixing it or by crafting a new key then and there. If you doubt your lock’s key might have been stolen, we can rekey your lock, thus offering you uninterrupted use while ensuring that old keys are inoperable.

For any service related to file cabinet locks in Little Rock, AR, you may approach Safe Key Shop for round the clock service!